- Our Mission -

To provide Easy to use..Easy to customize Open source ERP business applications, that enhance user experience

At Knowedge Ware, we all work all day long in order to solve the biggest challenges in business processes, by providing ready made -out of the box- open source business applications that facilitates customr's business cycle. 

The dilemma?!...

Developers don’t know which apps to build, what is the app value to the customer in terms of time and money, or even what service levels they should provide to their customers. System Implementers don’t know the real effort behind developing a business application, how much time required to deliver them, or even how many code lines needed to develop a single business requirement. Customers aren’t sure which business application will be the best for them, and whether they recive the right value for money.

It's well known in business, people use data to make more acurate decisions. Our mission at Knowledge Ware is to make the business application building process more flexible, and economically more effecient. Today we provide the most simple business applications that you can easily customize it further to your business. We want to make these applications available to as many customers as possible (not just the big pockets ones).