2 Reasons to choose our Freight Management System

Flexible - Easy to Use - Complete - Affordable

Ahmad Agha

When we published our own freight management software, since 2012...We’ve received a ton of questions, from our customers.

That said, peoples' questions tend to fall into one of two categories:

Category #1: Whether FFAM2 our freight management software is good enough for their air freight / Ocean freight operation activities? Is this freight forwarding software opensource is secure? Is this really a logistics software? Is this good as a freight broker software? (“Is this software right for me?”).
Category #2: A question about the software maintainability and serviceability and how frequent we update our software (“Is documentation available?”, "Is there any guided videos provided", "Can I customize certain parts of your freight management software to further suit my needs?”, “How can I get support for the application?” etc.)
Both sets of questions are valid.
After all, the answers to these questions help you figure out whether or not Freight Management Software is right for you?

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That said:

If you have a question about the Software, I've got you covered:


At Knowledge Ware, we are dedicated to delivering multiple business application that works on top of Odoo ERP system, and since we started working with Odoo we have specialized in developing our own freight forwarding management software open-source business application. 

We have successfully sold our Odoo Freight management software to many customers across the globe, and guess what?! we have been a reason for our customers' better utilization of their resources and reducing costs associated with their shipment handling by at least 15%, and increased their shipment profitability...


With regards to support and customizations inquiries, we have a dedicated team for this purpose, and our rates for support and customizations are publicly published on our website through two types of services:

- Implementation assistance service

- Customization assistance service

If you have a specific question about the software, we will be happy to answer it. If you have a question about how our Freight management Software FFAM2 applies to your organization, we will answer that too. Email

In fact, We already told several people: “This Software isn’t a good fit for you.”

Yes, We miss out on a sale when we say that.

But we're not here to make a quick sale. We expect FFAM2 to be around for many years, which means at Knowledge Ware we need to build trust with everyone.

After you get your questions answered, check out the product page and get some information about the software:

Freight Forwarding Management Software - FFAM2

Flexible - Easy to use - Complete - Affordable

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