Mission & Strategy

" Knowledge Ware is here to make IS simple "

Knowledge Ware was founded with the vision of transforming the concept of software into knowledge Ware producing innovative and affordable solutions while keeping the main focus on reducing the gap between IT and Business. 
We are constantly retaining and building the team necessary for this transformation, for that we are keeping a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and energetic employees who are driven to "make IT happen".

We aim to be the trusted advisor for our customers, by being professional, ethical and flexible providing superior level of service and the highest quality of solutions.

Our main mission is to advice our customers before providing them with what they need after identifying why they need it, not just promote what we have. We then provide solutions based on knowledge which is a blend of consultancy and IT solutions while keeping in mind simplicity, ease of use, reliability, flexibility and scalability, to gain total customer satisfaction.

We believe in partnering with our customers, so we look in a long term relationship rather than only a timed project.