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POSDM 1 - Point of sale delivery Module

POSDM 1 - Point of sale delivery Module

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The product comes along wit:
- Do It Your Self installation for the module
- Installation and user guide
- An English Version of the module
- License: Odoo Proprietary License v1.0

Always wanted to track your POS Home delivery process on Odoo?

What's the hold up?

Odoo POS base module is not handeling Home delivery?

Well, we've got you covered, with our state of art POS for home delivery module, that felexibly works on top of Odoo POS module

It's that time again.. Home Delivery time !! Having so many home deliveries? Is your Kitchen recieving orders ? Is there any Driver defined and / Or asssigned in your Odoo instant? Even if you're way behind, Our state of art POS Home Delivery Module will get your Home delivery process up to speed, increase your accuracy when tracking orders and give you peace of mind. Why pull your hair out every day when you can rely on Knowledge Ware and itsPOS Home Delivery Module? POS Home Delivery Module knows your frustrations, believe me, we do. That's why we are here. Please continue reading...

See Point of sale delivery Module in action

Point Of Sale delivery Module

1- Linking kitchen order to POS screen.
2- Managing kitchen order and delivery process.
3- submitting kitchen order for driver to deliver .
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Employee Lateness Module minimum operational requirements

  • Odoo V.8 or v.9 or V.10 compatible
  • Odoo POS Base module
  • Supported Operating systems are; Windows Server or Linux (Ubuntu) / 32 bit or 64 bit